18 June 2018


The Clubs Programme for 2014 has commenced and once again there is a great array of activities on offer. All Year 8s take part in a club and it is optional for Years 9 to 12. Most Clubs operate during an extended lunchtime on Tuesdays. Senior students are encouraged to assist staff in running clubs.

Clubs which operated in recent years and are continuing are: Rocketeering, IT Club, Knitwits, Chess, HTML, Modelmaking, Helicopters and Electronics. Two new clubs that have started this year are the Lego Renewable Energy Club and Film Club.

We encourage boys in Years 9 to 12 to take up the opportunity of being involved in (or leading) a club. Parents are welcome to discuss the range of Clubs on offer with the co-ordinator, Mrs Marilyn Zuidersma tel: 9383 6833.