18 June 2018

Headmaster's Commendations

Congratulations to the following students who received a Headmaster's Commendation last week:


Ben Marshall

For the pride he takes in every piece of work he produces.


Joshua Walsh

For his outstanding organisation, effort and enthusiasm.


Oscar Grant

For a consistent approach to all learning opportunities and having a positive attitude always.


Harry Imison

For fantastic work ethic and intrinsic motivation.


Charlie Wackett

Charlie is generous with his offers of help for staff and boys. Charlie is always one to volunteer to raise funds for charities at school. He always tries his best in whatever task he is doing and can be depended upon to fulfil his commitments. Charlie is kind and caring to those around him.


Harry Gilchrist

For displaying respect to all teachers and peers alike. A wonderful role model to his classmates.


Will Reeves

For approaching all areas of school life with enthusiasm, integrity and a commitment to his own learning. His high standards serve as a positive role model to his peers.


William Lewis

For displaying an outstanding work ethic in the classroom.


Max Steens

For fantastic work ethic, enthusiasm and motivation to learn.


Max Shervington

For consistently demonstrating the IB Attitudes of Enthusiasm, Commitment and Cooperation at school. Max is taking full advantage of the varied experiences available to him this year. You're off to a great start Max!