18 June 2018

Information Learning Technology

Managing Laptops and iPads @ Home - Strategies for Effective Use

When a mobile technology like a laptop or iPad is brought home, a number of interesting challenges arise, particularly if you have wireless internet access. The effective management of a mobile learning technology in the home is an important discussion to be had.

An important key that can assist you in those discussions is TLC - Try, Learn, Chat.

Try If your child is into it, then give it a try too.

Learn Update your knowledge to build credibility - what is happening? What is possible?

Chat Build trust through regular conversations about learning technologies. Let your child be your teacher, and you can add wisdom by asking deeper questions.

For more information on strategies for effective use of laptops, iPads and other technical devices, you can visit the 1to1 Stop Shop:


Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach