21 May 2018

7W - We can change the world…a little bit at a time.

A cliché I know but I believe we can! This is the focus for our class this year, we want to change the world and make the lives of others better than they were before we met them. Well, we will try!

There are many examples within our class where we have already shown a willingness to help each other. We had been charged by Mr Ledger to keep the lockers outside our room looking neat and tidy. After discussing this small action in class I then encouraged the boys to help each other and not just look after their own locker. To start with the boys themselves became more careful about making certain their lockers were tidy because they wanted Mr Ledger to feel proud of their efforts. However in addition I saw several boys at different times putting the straps of other boys bags into their lockers…keeping the area tidy. Changing the world…a little bit at a time.

But this is just one of the many actions undertaken by the boys in our class. In a recent science experiment this was made obvious again in many ways, as shown in the image below. In marching, even though we have not been specifically mentioned in assembly, every time we have a new leader our class members always congratulate each new leader as if we were winners.

Perhaps our biggest efforts have been to help others we do not even know. Many of boys from our class, as well as all other classes in the Middle School and in other areas of Scotch College, recently raised money to help the Leukaemia Foundation for research. They gave of their time and money selflessly, and not only at school. They organised events, helped teachers by cleaning for a small donation, they developed table tennis tournaments, they sold sweets that they bought with their own money, they busked on the weekend and they also gave their own money to help, just to name a few of the activities. As a classroom community our boys are making a difference, they are changing the world…a little bit at a time.

Ms Vicki Ward

7W Teacher