7 May 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

As the Summer Term draws to an end, the excitement in the Junior School Library is reaching fever pitch. Entries for the Easter Competition are providing lots of examination and comment from the many boys who visit to check out the new entries. Prizes will be awarded at Assembly on the last day of term.

Boys have really increased their book borrowing as they discover new resources to take home. Many boys have shared their reading enjoyment with others and this has led to great interest in different series and authors. The competition for Thin Stanley, Mervyn the Cat and Gibblewort the Goblin has been fierce in Year 2, while many boys in Year 3 have been keen to reserve Emily Eyefinger and Dirty Bertie.

To maintain such a good collection of resources it is important that boys make the effort to return their books by the end of term. They are welcome and encouraged to borrow or renew their choices for the holidays.

Mr Norman is returning for the Autumn Term and I, sadly, will complete my time. I have enjoyed the feeling of fun, interest and enjoyment the Junior School boys have displayed this term. They have made me feel very welcome. I also wish to thank all the mothers who have given up their time to help with book covering this term.

Kaye Turner

Junior School Teacher Librarian