18 June 2018

Staff News

New Staff

Mel Colling: Administration Assistant - Marketing & Development Office 17/2/14

Adolfo Chavez: Design & Publications Co-ordinator - Marketing & Development Office 4/3/14

Andre Carvahlo: Groundsperson 25/2/2014

Temporary New Staff

Keilan Marshall: MS EA 4/2/2014

Susan Strizek: SS Academic Support Teacher Autumn Term

Sonia Scordo: SOSE Autumn Term

Bob Sjepcevich: D&T 1st five weeks of Autumn Term

Jennifer Coleman: Head of Brass Autumn Term


Stewart Neilson: ILT Database Administrator & Developer 28/4/2014

Jonnine Day: Morning Receptionist 16/4/2014

End of Contract

Kaye Turner: JS Librarian 11/4/204

On Leave Next Term

Bernard Kerr: Curriculum Leader of the Arts (Summer & Autumn Term)

Vicki Enfield-Kirk: SS Academic Support (Autumn Term)

James Hindle: SS SOSE | Head of Student Leadership (Autumn Term)

Tim Simpson: Head of Brass (Autumn Term)

Matthew Bradley: SS SOSE |Boarding (1st four weeks of Autumn Term)

David Jones: Phys Ed | D&T | House Head (1st five weeks of Autumn Term)

Grant Bennett: D&T- Commerce | Boarding (Week 10)

Andrew Tibbitt: D&T- Commerce (Week 10)

Returning from Leave

Warwick Norman: JS Librarian 2/4/14 (returning week 1)

Petra Turner: Academic Services 14/4/14 (returning 1st week of holidays)

Sarah McCarthy: School Nurse (returned from Maternity leave 5/3/2014)

Internal Changes / Current Role / Additional Role / Commencing

Ryan Foster: SS Maths Teacher / Head of Student Leadership / Autumn Term only

Kate Webster-Blythe: SS LOTE Teacher / Head of House- Ferguson / 1st five weeks of Autumn Term

Michael Brinsden: Boarding Assistant/ Relief Teacher / Phys Ed Teacher / 1st five weeks of Autumn Term