18 June 2018

Mothers' Auxiliary

The Mothers' Auxiliary is still looking for someone to take on the role of Vice President. At this stage no one has come forward either last year or this year. It is best you can come on board as early in the year as possible to gain knowledge in areas to follow on as President in 2015. We are not sure how the group will function next year with no President and that could mean no Year 11 Dance, no Year 12 Ball, no Valedictory Dinner, no March Out morning tea, no Middle School welcome Morning Tea or the many and various other social functions that MA organise throughout the year throughout the whole School. Please email clairstanley@iinet.net for further details on what would be involved.

Our Guidelines booklet should be available very soon. Any new representatives can still refer to last years' guidelines or contact with either soniamwee@gmail.com or clairstanley@iinet.net.au for any assistance.

Tickets for the Year 11 Dance will be on sale soon, $50 each and available on the Scotch College website 'Book a Scotch Event'. A letter will be sent to all Year 11 parents with information regarding the dance. A most often asked question is "what do the boys wear?" It is a semi-formal dance with the 'theme' being for decoration of the hall only. The girls wear a cocktail dress and the boys should wear formal pants with dress shoes and formal shirt. Most boys wear a tie, shirt tucked in and a belt.

Our meeting dates for term 2 are May 12 and June 9, both in the Gooch Pavilion commencing at 9am.

Clair Stanley


Scotch Mothers' Auxiliary