18 June 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

Book Survivor

Hello from the Library. I hope you have enjoyed the break, read hundreds of great books and also enjoyed quality time with your children (who also read hundreds of books I'm sure).

This is the term when Book Survivor comes to Scotch College Junior School. Book Survivor is an initiative aimed at building connections and commonalities between the staff and students through picture books. This year the Junior School staff are encouraged to choose their favourite illustrator from past or present times. The students have to vote out one illustrator (book) each week, until only one book remains. The staff member who chose this illustrator will become the Book Survivor!

The other part to the competition involves the students making their predictions on which teachers chose which illustrators. They can be as investigative as they like and tricking the staff into an answer is certainly within the rules. The student who correctly guesses the most illustrators to teachers is also declared the Book Survivor!

At the end of the term both the teacher associated to the winning book and student who has guessed the most books to teachers are announced at Assembly and will receive a gift each (I wonder what that might be).

Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian