18 June 2018

Variety in Middle School

Middle School boys have enjoyed some high profile recognition in the last two weeks with the Scotch Youth Voices performing at the Fairbridge Festival, and a group of Year 6 boys along with the Premier at the opening of the new Gold Exhibit at the Perth Mint. Moments in the spotlight such as these are enjoyable, however behind the scenes in Middle School this term is a small project that that will hopefully gain momentum and student interest.

At Assembly last Friday, Variety - the Children's Charity spoke to us about an initiative they are developing to help children immersed in domestic violence settings. The initiative involves the creation of an iPad application that gives children living in these settings the ability to call for immediate help and to also access a bank of strategies on how to broaden their own response, management and coping mechanisms in these situations. Variety is hoping to raise money towards the purchase of 39 iPads that will have this new application installed. Each iPad will be placed in one of the domestic violence 'safe' houses throughout the state. I look forward to sharing more with you over the course of the term on how our boys respond to this issue and presentation.

Winter Sport

Winter Sport training and fixtures commenced last week and will run into next term. I hope you can make it to one of your son's fixtures this season as I know every boy gets a thrill and lifts himself just that little bit more when you are on the sidelines. Your support is equally important and appreciated by boys playing in the fourths team as it is for boys in the firsts. Weekly fixtures with venues can be found via the parent page at home.scotch.wa.edu.au

One of the central outcomes we hope to achieve through our Sport programme is the joy in participating in a team and the importance of commitment and persistence to the team when things look bleak or the other team is bigger, faster or more skilful. Success isn't always measured by goals, points or scoring shots. The development of the ability to work cohesively as a group, to understand that 1% efforts are valuable although infrequently recognised and that improvement, not necessarily winning, is a greater measure of success. Along with fitness and skills, these are the important attributes that underpin our Sport programme, and are attributes that can be carried beyond the sporting field and into school, social and business life.


At the end of this term as part of our Semester Reporting process we invite parents into the classrooms for the boys to do a walking-talking tour of their learning environment. Work portfolios are then taken home with the Semester report following at the end of term. At the commencement of Winter term we commence a goal setting exercise that helps boys focus on two or three aspects of their performance that they wish to or feel they need to develop. It is a valuable exercise based on detailed information presented through the reporting process.

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School