18 June 2018

4D News

Year 4D have begun Term 2 with great enthusiasm and a keenness to demonstrate the knightly virtue of prowess as they've endeavoured to master their academic tasks. The boys recently completed a fascinating unit of inquiry centred around investigating principles of economics, such as trade, production and consumption, and supply and demand, just to name a few.

One of the many highlights from this unit was the completion of 'The Great Egg Drop' - a collaborative challenge in which boys traded materials to produce an effective and creatively designed safety device for an egg which was to be hurled from a 7m height. Once our contraptions were constructed, we dropped them from the Year 4 balcony and watched as they fell stylishly to the ground. No doubt the overflowing of excitement of the afternoon contributed to our boys achieving excellent results, with the vast majority of eggs surviving the impact of the significant drop. Trade and innovation worked hand-in-hand to ensure that students had a gratifying experience in producing a successful result.

More recently, the boys adventured over to Claremont Quarter Shopping Centre, where they surveyed local businesses about the demographics of their customers, as well as how they conducted their operations. The data collected from this excursion was then brought back to class, collated, and then interpreted. Through this process, the boys drew interesting conclusions about how businesses operate in our local economy.

We now turn our attention our next unit of inquiry, 'Where we are in Place and Time,' where we'll be delving into the world of exploration and discovery.

Scott Dickson and Annette Binks

Year 4 Teachers