18 June 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

As always, parents are welcome to attend the Junior School Library on a Thursday morning for book covering between 8.30am and 10am. Not only will you become an expert at covering a variety of books, you will also be able to see the books your boys will be reading hot off the press, and eat cake (compliments of Alison Palmer), drink tea or coffee made to your liking, and have a stimulating conversation with other parents and library staff.

I encourage all parents to still read to your boys to promote positive role modelling and to be able to delve into deeper conceptual understandings about certain texts. Below I have written some suggested picture books that match up with the PYP Learner Profiles:

A Bad Case of Stripes, Amy and Louis, The Frangipani Tree, Ziba Came on a Boat, You and Me, Our Place, My Place, My Dog, Window, The Singing Hat, Luke's Way of Looking, The Plane Spotter, Green Air, The Wombat Who Wanted to Fly, Flood, The Lost Thing, In My Backyard, The Waterhole, How to Lose Friends, The Perfect Pie, The Recess Queen, Willy the Wimp, Manfred the Baddie, I'm the Best, Grandad's Gift, The Water Witcher, and Rainbow Fish.

When sharing these texts I encourage parents to share ideas of the value of the stories and how the messages might be related to every day life.

Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian