18 June 2018

Macs in the Middle School

The Macbook Air is a fantastic device that puts almost anything in the reach of our boys. In school we encourage the students to close the applications and websites that are not required for the specified task, so as to limit the potential distractions from the task at hand. The boys are still learning to manage their workflow so it is important that they receive guidance on prioritising their work and understanding the expectations of their teacher. I would encourage parents to offer a similar support at home by positioning your son in the shared living space, so he is in the open while he works on his laptop. You will be able to easily assist your son or guide him in the right direction when necessary.

Boys need to have a daily routine whereby their laptop is charged ready for the next day and is backed up at least twice a week. Being organised is important to a successful learning experience using laptop technology. Boys and parents are welcome to visit 1˚ North in the Middle School Library to chat with myself or one of our coaches who can help with any ILT matters.

Jared Faint

Middle School ILT Coach