18 June 2018

Art News

Mission Impossible: Art Task

On Thursday 8 May, 55 Yr 5 boys, 20 parents, Mr Norman, Mr Thomson (Art Technician JS/SS) Michelle Lawson (Finn's mum/Artist/Sculptor/Hairdresser/Zumba teacher) and myself all piled into the Art Studio and surrounding balcony to undertake Mission Impossible. We had one hour, a challenging space and an ambitious task.

To make a clay head and tail of a dog; based on their own dog, a friend or neighbour's dog or simply a favourite breed.

With good preparation, visual references in the form of photos and sketches in the boys' Visual Diaries, a subject that boys were familiar with and interested in, plenty of parent support and hands-on help, expertise from the artist, art technician and art teacher…we made it! The effort was mighty and the results were impressive. Many of the boys commented on how thrilled they were that their clay models looked exactly like their dog.

It was definitely an ambitious project that demonstrated risk-taking behaviour by the Year 5 students, a big entourage of parents, Mr Thomson, Mr Norman and myself.

A huge thank you must be given to our very supportive parents and community and congratulations to the Year 5 boys. You will be able to see the completed mixed media dog sculptures at the end of this term.

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts