21 May 2018

Information Learning Technology

Visit to the Association for the Blind

Last week I had the opportunity to take two Year 4 boys, Alex Bateman and Stewart van Hoek, to visit the Association for the Blind.

The Association for the Blind has been narrating books for the vision impaired for the last 40 years. Their clients, both children and adults, enjoy listening to audio books as it gives them back the joys of reading (something many of us take for granted!)

The Association for the Blind were in desperate need of iPads as this allows the narration process to be less tedious and proves to be a very quiet process. Quite often their narrators are elderly and they find turning the pages on a book quite a challenge without creating any noise. iPads are a wonderful tool as there are no paper pages to turn, they can just load the book on the iPad! Using an iPad also saves a lot of photocopying as quite often they need two copies of the book for the narration process.

As Scotch College have gone 1:1 with our iPads this year, we had a few iPad 2's which we were able to donate. Alex and Stewart presented four iPads to the Association, toured the premises, and met a special guide dog. They were excellent ambassadors for the College.

Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach