18 June 2018

Community and Service

Year 10 Exchanges 2015

It is exciting to think that in 2015, some Year 10 Scotch boys will be spending up to a term at a school overseas. Exciting also to know that Scotch will be hosting students from other countries for the reciprocal visit. The response to a recent meeting regarding an exchange programme was very positive and those who attended were presented with a comprehensive list of excellent schools from around the world interested entering into an exchange partnership. Attending the meeting was Belinda Walker, the Round Square Representative from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar (BCGS). As a coordinator of exchanges at BCGS for many years, Belinda was able to answer many questions from parents and reassure those present that overwhelmingly students involved in exchange had positive and transformational experience. Despite travelling to locations such as Peru, Columbia and India, students managed well and felt supported by the Round Square family of schools.

Current Year 9 boys who are interested in applying for exchange in 2015 need to complete the Exchange Application Form and return to Anne Thomson or Senior School Reception by the end of term.

ICEA at Scotch

The Indigenous Communities Education Awareness Foundation (ICEA) recently commenced a Marja Mob group at Scotch for Year 10 boys. The programme is focused on increasing the level of awareness of Indigenous culture within the Scotch community by encouraging indigenous and non-indigenous students to collaborate on reconciliation initiatives. Run by young people, the Marja Mob works to empower students through cultural awareness training and advocacy. The establishment of a Marja Mob at Scotch follows a number of years of support for ICEA through fundraising by Cameron House in the Senior School.

Year 5 Calico Bag Art For Tanzania

The return of a 55 Calico Bags from Ghana will soon lead to a wonderful surprise for students at Matipwili Primary School in Tanzania. Scotch Year 5 students from 2013 designed logos as symbols to represent Australia and IB learner profile behaviors and attitudes, based on African 'Adinkra' symbols. Each student printed a calico bag with his logo and then decorated with fabric pens. Laminated posters of Australian animals were inserted to both educate the African students and provide them with a nice set of images for display. While not able to get through to the intended destination in Africa, the art work and messages will have a big impact in Matipwili village, when the Tanzania Expedition group, delivers them in person at end of this month.

Rafiki Ball Volunteers

Last Saturday evening, a small group of Year 12 boys assisted the organisers of the Rafiki Ball to fundraise for the next surgical team to visit Tanzania. The annual ball, held at the Grand Ballroom Crown Perth, is a major fundraising event for a programme involving medical volunteers who work to reconstruct facial deformities and alleviate burn contractures. The boys involved worked to run the silent and floor auctions as well as move between the tables collecting donations. Wearing their winter uniforms, they were a highly visible presence in the room and represented the College well.