18 June 2018

Personal Project

The Personal Project is now in the final stages and many boys have been very busy creating some fantastic products. At this stage boys should be near completion of their product and submitted drafts of their report to their supervisors.

The project is due on Friday 8 August. On this day the report, process journal and product are due. For those boys who have created large products, they can submit photos of their product. All large products need to be delivered to the DC on Monday 15 September in preparation for the showcase.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the Personal Project is to provide students with an opportunity to 'showcase' the skills they have learnt throughout the MYP. These skills include research, planning, communication, report writing and time management. The Personal Project enables students to apply these skills to a topic of their own choice and personal interest.

The objective is to promote independence, personal development, help students to identify the processes they follow as a learner and prepare students for Year 11 and 12.

The Personal Project team wishes the boys the best of luck as they near the completion of their projects.

Loreen Kerrigan

Personal Project Co-ordinator