18 June 2018

French News

Bonjour! The Year 3 classes are making fantastic progress in French. The boys have been working cooperatively which helped the new boys settle into the French environment. The boys are now responding very well to the question Comment ça va? (How are you?) at the beginning of every lesson. They enjoy sharing their answers with the rest of the class. In order to make meaningful links to their unit of inquiry, How the world works, the boys will be learning about animals and insects in French. They will also be creating un animal fou, fou by combining different parts of animals which they will label in French. The boys have conducted a survey in French in which they asked the question as-tu un animal? We will be reading the stories La vieille dame qui avala une mouche (the old lady who swallowed a fly) and Bon appétit M. Lapin.

Madame Edwards

French Specialist