21 May 2018

Student Wellbeing

The need for all boys to feel valued, safe and comfortable underpins everything else that they do at school (and at home). For this reason, boys in the Senior School complete an annual survey on peer relationships. Boys in Year 8, 9 and 10 completed this survey over the past two weeks. While early analysis of the results shows that the general trend of bullying related incidents in the Senior School is low and continues to decline as measured over the past six years, bullying behaviour remains a focus of our pastoral care programme. House Heads will be working confidentially with any boys identified in the survey over the next two weeks as part of an ongoing strategy to enhance the wellbeing of all students.

The past three weeks have seen Year 11 boys running wellbeing activities for all students during lunchtime. Some of the wellbeing activities have included table tennis games, Frisbee throwing competitions, slatterball, basketball trick shots, chess and lunchtime concerts. The activities change each week and will continue until next term. It has been wonderful watching large numbers of boys coming together across different year groups to lob a basketball off the verandah of the Dickinson Centre into a bin in the pool area or throw a Frisbee across the oval into a bin in an attempt to win a bag of lollies.

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Dr Rob McEwan