18 June 2018

Holiday Fitness training for Athletics and Winter Sport

Fitness training for all students from Year 6 to Year 12 will be conducted in the July holidays over both weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings starting at 8.30am and concluding at 9.30am. All boys wishing to improve their fitness and health for winter sport and Athletics should attend. The Athletics season is very short, being only four weeks duration. Therefore potential athletes should make every attempt to attend these training sessions to build up their fitness. Our aim this year is to win our fourth successive "Inters", something that has not been achieved since the early 1960's. Success requires discipline, commitment and hard work, unlike most things in life it cannot be bought. The only team that will beat Scotch College this year will be Scotch College if we don't work hard enough. There is no need to email if you cannot attend as these training sessions are voluntary.

See you all during the holidays.

Anthony Doney