21 May 2018

Mid-Year Reflection in Middle School

There are good reasons and a multitude of ways to celebrate the mid-point in the year, although jumping into freezing water in Antarctica as they did last week to celebrate the Winter Solstice was not in my top ten ways to celebrate the turn toward more sunlight and longer days. For students who have just completed a first semester of work, reports with teacher comments will being to arrive in the mail, allowing the chance to reflect on progress to date, celebrate growth and achievement and recalibrate goals for the second half of the year.

Central to this celebration and reflection are two events we see as particularly valuable. The Student Led Work Share this Thursday 3 July is the occasion for your son to go into detail not just about what he has done, but to describe to you how he has worked, with whom, how he draws from structures and supports in the classroom and teachers, and to show you evidence of this. The Student Portfolio will be there for you to take home on Thursday which is a tremendous opportunity for boys to explain what it is they know, can do, how they have learnt it and how they can apply it elsewhere. This is a vital process in helping boys to understand what it is they know, or think they know. Boys often have a swirling mass of thoughts on their knowledge and opinions and it is often only when we pin them down and ask them to explain to us, to verbalise their thinking, that they actually clarify this for themselves.

The second event will occur during the first two weeks of Winter term as we work the boys through a review and goal setting process, that is centred around their report and first semester performance. This culminates in a Student Led Conference, a three way meeting with Parent, Student and Teacher in Week Two. Details for booking your session will be released in Week 1 next term.

As we go to a much anticipated break, thank you for your support this semester; being on the sidelines of sport, in an audience at Assembly, supervision or cajoling the homework programme or simply sending us a message to keep us updated or encouraged, it is greatly appreciated and contributes much to the positive feel we have in Middle School.

Enjoy the break. We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday 22 July.

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School