18 June 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Owen Edgar

Owen is a highly motivated student that gives his best effort to all College activities. He is an independent learner but also shows leadership in group scenarios. Owen is a pleasure to teach.


Nick Turich

For writing some wonderful RAPS during Guided Literacy.


Toby Egerton-Warburton

For enthusiasm and effort shown during all group tasks. Toby is a great team player.


Will Coutts

Will sets an excellent standard in class with his work ethic and manners. He loves the rigour of learning and displays an outstanding ability to combine his existing knowledge with new concepts. Will is a fine young man.


Sean Pentony

Sean always does his best in school and his excellent results across almost all learning areas are testimony to that. He participates in many aspect of Scotch life indicated by his involvement in World Scholar's Cup, Maths Olympiad, Middle School Drama Production, Fairbridge Festival and recently in service to the community at New Norcia over a weekend. In addition he has been involved in a number of fundraising activities for others in the wider community who are struggling. Sean has integrity and is certainly a risk taker.


Blake Costello

For consistently demonstrating an eagerness to learn and displaying initiative in all aspects of the curriculum whilst giving of his very best at all times.


Sam Collingwood

Sam stands out in our class for his conscientious approach to all areas of life at the College. He trains extensively in swimming out of school and manages to remain focused and organised at Scotch. Sam consistently strives to achieve his best and he regularly demonstrates higher order thinking. He is an outstanding role model for his peers due to his impressive work ethic, but also for the caring manner in which he treats his peers. Such a special young man!


Jack Orvis

Developing an excellent understanding of his family's heritage through the creation of an outstanding Family Tree.


Ronald Fellows-Smith

For demonstrating enthusiasm, motivation and drive to succeed.


Hayden Browne

For his principled approach to his learning. Hayden demonstrates the International Baccalaureate attribute of a Thinker who applies himself to all tasks and completes classroom activities to the best of his ability.