18 June 2018

Bunning Resource Centre

Overdrive Update

This month Overdrive updated the appearance of their lending platform. When you log in to plcscotch.lib.overdrive.com you will now discover that when you hover your cursor over a book cover you will be given the options to borrow, sample, read more about the title, share what you are reading via social media or add the item to your wish list so you can read it later.

With the holidays coming up we will be extending the Overdrive loan period so that everyone will have longer than two weeks to read each eBook. Don't forget that there are a variety of simultaneous-use, Lonely Planet guides available to enrich your travel experiences. In addition, we have also purchased extra titles in all three age categories this term; the following titles are a sample of some of the newest 'adult' purchases that may interest you:

Truth - Peter Temple

The Gods of Guilt - Michael Connelly

Ripper - Isabel Allende

Alex Cross's Trial - James Patterson

Gunshot Road - Adrian Hyland

The Devil's Star - Jo Nesbo

On Cringila Hill - Noel Beddoe

One Boy Missing - Stephen Orr

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Kate Flowers

Teacher Librarian