18 June 2018

5D News

We have just finished up our 'How We Express Ourselves' 'unit and as part of their summative assessment, the boys designed symbols for their Houses that had to communicate message related to the Primary Years Programme. The designs were sensational and we are just going through the process of narrowing them down to be voted on. Hopefully we will see more of these symbols around the place.

All boys presented a short speech on a topic of their choice in order to qualify for the Speaker's Challenge. The speeches were well-rehearsed and very entertaining with topics that ranged from "the shark cull" to students "shouldn't have homework", and "what I would do if I were president" to "the toilet paper issue"!

We are beginning a new unit on 'How The World Works' where we are looking at the different climatic and geographic regions around the world and how living things have adapted to survive there.

Jae Dornan

Year 5 Teacher