18 June 2018

Performing Arts News

The Year 3 boys have been exploring the movements of their bodies to create dance sequences in pairs, small groups and as a whole class. Each task has had a theme such as machine like actions, primitive movement, and action and reaction. To help create interesting pieces, the boys have focused on and discussed how they use the elements of dance. They remember these with the saying 'dance is BEST!'. 'B' stands for body: 'What' the body can do; 'E' stands for energy: 'How' we use our body; 'S' stands for space: 'Where' the body moves; 'T' stands for time: 'When' the body moves. Whilst dance has been the focus, the boys have also incorporated elements of drama, particularly when creating sequences that tell a story through dance.

Phebe Samson

Performing Arts Teacher