18 June 2018

Interhouse Surfing & Bodyboarding Competition 2014

Despite the cold, windy, onshore conditions down at Cove and Cottesloe Main, all the boys who competed in the Interhouse Surfing and Bodyboarding performed to the best of their ability in the challenging conditions. A regrettable absence of the 2 top surfers from Keys House (Josh and Fletcher) at the competition opened the door for almost anybody to take out the surfing title! Hugo Shervington (Year 11, Alexander) took out the senior surf division and Riley Walker (Year 9, Shearer) won the junior division. Julien Walker (Year 10, Cameron) won the Junior Bodyboarding and Oliver Frey (Year 11, Brisbane) won the senior section. Congratulations to Alexander House who won the Interhouse surf trophy over reigning champions Ross House. Thank you to all surfers and bodyboarders who competed, parents for supporting their sons and to Mr Rugg and Mr Brogden for helping me out to make the day run smoothly.

interhouse surfing

Joe Anderson (Year 12, Ross)

Surfing Captain