18 June 2018

Our start to Winter Term has been difficult for many in Middle School as we try to understand and come to grips with the loss of a much-loved student in Mo Maslin. The tragedy has brought out the best of the Scotch College Community where the depth and strength of the fabric that binds us as students, parents, teachers and past students has held us and sustained us during a particularly difficult time. Letters, emails, texts, phone calls, hugs, conversations and just your quiet presence in and around us over the last week have been reassuring and appreciated.

Student Led Conferences

The Student Led Conferences for your son with his homeroom teacher commence this week. Central to this will be the Semester 2 goals sheet your son has been working on at the start of this term. Each student has completed an analysis of their report card: criterion grades, Approaches to Learning grades and teacher comments and distilled this down into a one page summary of their work to date. From there they have developed two or three goals to use as a focus point for their effort this semester. This is an important process for our students in two ways: to clarify or narrow their focus for improvement this semester and importantly, to groove or develop the habit of reflection and goal setting that they will hopefully apply independently to support their learning in Senior School and beyond. The 3 Way conferences are with the homeroom teacher, parents and the student as an equal participant. As always if you would like to speak with a specialist teacher regarding a specific matter please contact the office and we can help arrange that for you. If you haven't yet made an appointment time online for your Student Led Conference please phone Rebecca Kennington on 9383 6967.

Year 8 2015

Tomorrow evening 29 July I will repeat an information session for parents of current Year 7 boys moving into Year 8 next year. This is a repeat of the Parent Information Session delivered at the end of last term. It will cover topics such as uniforms, Houses, subject choice in the Arts and Design Technology. Venue is MacKellar Hall 6.30pm.

Year 7 International Immersion Week

Immersion Week for Year 7 boys is Week 10 of this term. Year 7 boys will soon be asked to make a choice for this week-long immersion programme from the following three options:

  • French Immersion Week: $70
  • Indonesian Immersion Week: $70
  • Singapore@School parallel tour: no cost.
  • Year 7 Singapore Tour - fully booked.

Access Road Closure

Access to the College via the internal access road off Stirling Road near the Uniform Shop will be closed off to through traffic as the final stage of the Middle School building project is completed. Vehicles will not be able to drop off or pick up students from either the Junior School or MacKellar Hall pickup/drop off points. The Kiss and Drop area to the left of the entry to the ovals will remain in place.

Staff News

Congratulations to Peter Tresise (Teacher of 7T) and his wife Jane on the arrival of their third daughter Mia born on 9 July weighing a healthy 4.11kgs.

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School