18 June 2018

1G News

Year 1G have had a very exciting time exploring Literature. We embarked on an excursion to The Literature Centre where we utilised our amazing visual literacy skills and read stories through pictures. This excursion was particularly exciting as we overlooked the Old Fremantle Jail whilst eating lunch and the boys had many interesting questions to ask.

We were thrilled to have a visit to our classroom from the talented author/illustrator James Foley. He was extremely funny and inspired us greatly to become amazing authors and illustrators. The boys were very motivated about writing after James shared with us the first book he had ever written when he was in Pre-Primary. We were very lucky as we had a sneak peek into his new story 'The Last Viking Returns' which hasn't even been released yet. This fabulous book was hot off the press. James taught us how to draw Vikings and we had a wonderful time drawing these.

I am sure there will be some budding writers from 1G in the years to come.

Kristen Gray

Year 1 Teacher