18 June 2018

Art News

Arts and Creativity

Arts and creativity can provide an outlet for expressing feelings and ideas. They can improve focus and concentration whilst relaxing the mind and body. The Year 3 students have been enjoying calm music whilst focussing on painting flowers on silk.

Through the Arts, we try to promote creativity and curiosity as everyday ways of thinking, engaging and responding to the world. During Term 3 there are a few exhibitions that will showcase a range of creative explorations of ideas and materials.

In Week 6, IPSHA hosts its biennial Visual Art Exhibition titled "We Art Family" at Santa Maria College, where artwork from about 30 schools is exhibited collaboratively. The theme this year celebrates 2014 being "International Year of the Family." In Week 8, Scotch hosts its own Year 1 - 12 Art Exhibition, "Inspirations," which beautifully highlights the progression of arts skills and awareness of boys across Junior, Middle and Senior School. In Week 9, artwork and music will be an integral part of the PYP Exhibition.

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts