18 June 2018

7G - What makes a place livable?

Did you know that Melbourne was named one of the most livable cities in the world? Did you know that Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, is the fourth lowest ranked city in the world in terms of its livability?

Since Week 7 of last term, the 7G boys have been learning all about the different factors that influence the livability of a place, whether it be a nation, city or rural town. Climate, air quality, access to health care and education can all influence the decision people make about where to live. Sadly, for some there is no choice.

After examining many case studies comparing the best and worst livable cities in the world, the students conducted a research task using the Inquiry Road to assess the importance of good infrastructure. The task culminated in an oral presentation whereby each boy had to convince their peers about the importance of their service or facility in a hypothetical new town.

The standard and quality of the 7G oral presentations has been very impressive.

This is what some of the boys had to say about their Livability Inquiry task:

"A comprehensive, enjoyable and stimulating task, and no doubt my favourite Humanities project this year." Lewis Orr

"Each person's research showcased their service and provided food for thought about our ever changing world." Thomas Hodge

Mrs Pina Giglia

Teacher 7G