7 May 2018

1P News

What does 100 look like?

The boys in 1P had a wonderful day stepping back in time to celebrate 100 days of school. The boys immersed themselves fully in activities to enhance their understanding of 100 and to celebrate their achievement of being at school for half of the year. Activities such as 100 cup stacking races, 100 chopstick Jenga, 100 dot painting and writing, and 100 things to do before I…'Bucket List' were lots of fun. Dressing as 100 year old men also enhanced the excitement of the day - they all looked terrific!


We were very knowledgeable after being immersed in a week full of amazing activities to celebrate National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee Week. Year 11 and 12 were superstars when they came to our class to talk about their country and their tribes. We were able to hold boomerangs and spears and play didgeridoos. The boys had their face painted as warriors and were told stories from the Dreamtime and shared special stories from their childhood. Thank you boys for the wonderful experience!

Sue Phillips

Year 1 Teacher