18 June 2018

Sensational Science in 6B

6B's term began with planning and rehearsing our assembly item about the Year 6 Science Fair and the steps of the scientific method. The boys relished the chance to write parts for themselves and represented the class beautifully in the finished product.

This provided a valuable revision of the scientific method and segued smoothly into our new iLearn unit investigating Electricity. In recent weeks the boys have had many opportunities to conduct hands-on activities building circuits, including the use of switches to set up parallel circuits with fans and light bulbs as the load. Needless to say this was a very popular activity and many boys were keen to pursue it into recess and lunch.

Most recently our attention has turned to that of clean energy sources and the boys have been working on an investigation of how wind and water can be used to generate electricity. Currently the boys are using the Scientific Method to conduct an experiment investigating why hydroelectric power plants are built at the base of dams and not at the top.

Mrs Sophie Berry

Teacher 6B