21 May 2018

Visual Art in Middle School

This term in the Visual Art department the boys are working on several interesting and exciting projects.

The Year 6 students are continuing to broaden their understanding of literature and illustration. Miss Walden has developed a cross-curriculum project to work alongside the English programme studying the highly acclaimed picture book by multi award winning author and illustrator, Shaun Tan. During this term the students will continue to develop designs for their own lost thing creature, and build them out of clay.

The Year 7 students have been looking at the natural world and how artists have used this as inspiration to create work in various media. We have studied the Australian artist Russell Drysdale and how he has captured the harsh Australian landscape. The students have been experimenting with two techniques. The first technique is using collected leaves to roll into the clay, which leave the most amazing imprint behind after the firing process. The second technique is using a versatile synthetic fabric called Tyvek. This material is virtually impossible to tear and can only be cut with scissors. When heat is applied, the tyvek starts to shrink and distort, making beautiful flower creations.

The artwork created by our Middle School boys can be viewed at the Inspirations Exhibition in the Dickinson Center on Wednesday 10 September.

Miss Joanna Walden

Art Teacher