18 June 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


William Hellewell

Will has demonstrated a strong improvement in the quality and application of his work. He consistently meets deadlines and gives his very best effort to all his classroom tasks. It has been pleasing to watch Will develop and mature throughout the year so far.


George Evans

For the outstanding oral presentation on Roads and Railways he delivered as part of the Liveability Inquiry Task.


Benjamin Parker

Ben works so hard. He asks questions, he challenges himself, and he is willing to take on criticism in order to improve his work. He has a fantastic attitude towards his school work.


Joshua O'Dea

Josh is a naturally inquisitive student who loves the pursuit of knowledge. He comes to class in a positive frame of mind and asks intelligent questions to deepen his understanding. Josh displays excellent manners at all times and is a very valuable member of our class.


Nicholas Ryding

Nick is a student who exemplifies the qualities of a principled IB learner. Nick is consistently behaving with integrity and honesty, demonstrating a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for others. Every morning Nick contributes to the organisation of the classroom without being asked, he is a steady influence on his classmates and is a quiet, reliable and friendly class member. Nick can be relied upon to behave respectfully and fairly toward his teachers and his classmates. Nick is a humble gentleman and a principled member of 7W.


Hamish Watson

For his dedication and commitment to achieving his personal best at all times across all areas of the curriculum.


Lachlan Stephenson

Lachlan has consistently impressed us with his committed approach to school life. He applies himself wholeheartedly to every activity and his enthusiastic attitude inspires others. Lachlan is an asset to our school community. The care that he demonstrates for others is highly valued. He should feel so proud of his efforts and achievements.


Benjamin Clarke

For being a responsible, respectful and reliable class member.


James Watson

For consistently working to the best of his ability and producing fantastic work.


Damian Haynes

For his mature approach to his learning. Damian works well both independently and with others and demonstrates enthusiasm for his learning. He shows respect for others and for himself to make a positive impact in our class.