18 June 2018

Personal Project Showcase and Exhibition

Congratulations to Year 10 students who have all completed their Personal Projects. To celebrate this event, the students' achievements will be showcased on Friday 19 September in the Dickinson Centre from 5.30 - 7.30pm. All families and staff of the Year 10's are warmly invited to attend this event and the boys are certainly looking forward to the River Cruise after the showcase as a just reward for all their hard work throughout the year.

For members of the wider Scotch community who would like to view the products on display, the exhibition will also be open in the Dickinson Centre during school hours on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 September. Year 9 students are particularly encouraged to walk through the exhibition as they begin exploring ideas for their own Personal Projects.

A reminder that all large products and display materials need to be delivered to the Dickinson Centre on Monday 15 September. Products can then be collected from the Dickinson Centre on Saturday 20 September between 10.00am - 12.00pm. Due to other events scheduled, we do not have the capacity to store such a large volume of items. For any queries regarding the delivery and collection of products, please contact Ms Loreen Kerrigan.

Boys who wish to use their laptops to display their product need to organize for a family member to take it home at the end of the showcase. Laptops are not permitted on the River Cruise for security purposes.

We look forward to seeing you at the Personal Project Exhibition as we celebrate the diverse goals and interests of the Year 10 students.

Loreen Kerrigan

Personal Project Co-ordinator

The Year 10 River Cruise

Thank you to those who have returned their permission slips. A friendly reminder to everyone who wishes to attend, that permission slips must be received by Wednesday, 10 September.

Please find the flyer attached.