18 June 2018

2W News

Term 3 has flown past with the boys enjoying a vast array of opportunities. We have had a visit from Constable Care, some fabulous Senior School boys teaching us about Aboriginal Culture during NAIDOC week, Student Led Conferences, as well as a wonderful walk around Lake Claremont. High on their list of favourites, however, has undoubtedly been the current unit of inquiry that we have shared with the Year 2 girls of PLC. Excitement reigned as we set off to meet the girls at the Claremont Quarter. Soon the groups were enjoying a getting to know you session that was quickly christened 'Speed Dating". The children investigated a variety of public spaces and their features whilst also enjoying a Boost juice and cookies generously donated by Coles. The following week we spent a fabulous day with the girls at Kings Park where we researched public spaces and their uses. This was rounded off with a traditional game of "girls chase the boys" all around the Synergetic Parkland where our brave boys were to be found seeking refuge on the rocks as a safe den! We are looking forward to our final session together where each group will present their research findings in a format of their choice; iMovie, PowerPoint, Popplet or iBook. There is already talk of another collaboration during our unit related to Celebrations, where the potential for a concert, festival or party seems too good to refuse. I suspect that there will be a surge in hairbrushing and general grooming on that occasion.

Alison Webster

Year 2 Teacher