18 June 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Jock Sutherland

Jock displays consistent enthusiasm for learning and his work. He is full of energy on a constant basis and always looks to do the best work he can possibly do. When he is able to funnel this energy and enthusiasm in the right direction he is capable of some amazing things.


Jonah Price

For his terrific oral presentation on Places of Worship. Your speech was informed and well-delivered.


Connor Lenny

After a recent meeting with Miss Schorer and his parents, Connor has become more actively involved in whole class discussions. It is wonderful that he has demonstrated the courage to join in more and also the wisdom to take on advice and make changes that will benefit his learning.


Edward Hamersley

Edward is a conscientious and diligent worker in class and at home. He consistently produces work of a high standard and takes great pride in his education. Edward is a good friend to all and a very valued member of our class and school. He is a worthy winner of a Headmaster's Commendation.


Patrick Devereux

Patrick demonstrates respect and commitment in the classroom and is also a determined sportsman. Patrick is a dedicated student that consistently completes his homework and classwork to a high standard. He participates enthusiastically and skillfully and can be relied upon to pursue the team's goal with 100% commitment. Patrick is a valuable member of the 7W team in class and on the sportsfield.


Charlie Castleden

For the consistent effort he puts into all aspects of his education.


David Winton

David's dedication and commitment to his own learning is an admirable one. He sets his goals high and steadily works towards reaching them. He also captures our attention on a daily basis for the kindness, empathy and respect he shows to those around him, going out of his way to ensure that everyone is happy and safe. David is a positive role model for his peers and highly valued by his teachers. He can be very proud of the way he conducts himself; a fine Scotch boy!


Jett Braddock

Demonstrating an enthusiastic approach towards his learning and consistently displaying friendship and support to all of his classmates.


Adam Darley

For his excellent Science Fair project. Adam completed an impressively thorough write up of the experiment using the Scientific Method.