18 June 2018

Boys' Achievements

Joshua Hook (Year 8, Brisbane) has set a new record running a time of 58.39sec in the U14, 400 metre championship race at the house sports on Saturday, to break the old record held by Harry Sinclair of 59.45sec held

Oliver Heath (Year 11, Cameron) is a top ten finalist in the Year 11-12 Poetry Section of The Western Australian Young Writers' Contest 2014.

The It's Academic Final was held in the Memo Hall last week. Congratulations to:

1st Anderson

2nd Cameron

3rd Shearer

Academic Excellence:

Jordan McEwen (Year 12, Ferguson)

Academic Honours:

Erlend Cross (Year 12, Shearer)

2014 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools- Science

In the recent competition, Scotch had 223 students participate from the Senior School (Years 8 to 12). Of these, there were awarded 3 High Distinction, 21 Distinction, 47 Credit, 30 Merit and 122 Participation Certificates.

High Distinction (top 1% of students nationally):

Prentice Shepherd (Year 8, Ross)

Kartik Khanna (Year 9, Shearer)

Vaughan Chin (Year 11, Ferguson)

Distinction (top 10% nationally):

Luke Beeson (Year 8, Stuart)

Jordan Bowling (Year 8, Ross)

Alexander Comstock (Year 8, Cameron)

Rafe Harrison-Murray (Year 8, Stuart)

Brent Morton (Year 8, Keys)

Connor O'Sullivan (Year 8, Ferguson)

Conor Patton (Year 8, Ferguson)

Harry Penrose (Year 8, Stuart)

Riley Thomas (Year 8, Anderson)

William Allen (Year 9, Ferguson)

Andrew Burvill (Year 9, Shearer)

Jack Couzens (Year 9, Brisbane)

Raghav Khanna (Year 9, Shearer)

Griffin Mathias (Year 9, Shearer)

Andrew Singh (Year 9, Anderson)

Zach Jones (Year 10, Brisbane)

Alex Brown (Year 11, Cameron)

James MacKinnon (Year 11, Ross)

Robbie Packer (Year 11, Stuart)

Thomas Truscott (Year 11, Stuart)

Sam Zani (Year 11, Ferguson)

Congratulations to all Scotch boys who participated in the Competition.