18 June 2018

Head of Junior School

A celebration of effort and success

The past two weeks and the following fortnight will complete a month of celebrations of the talents, efforts and risk taking of our boys. Their efforts in sport, visual arts and academics will have been showcased and the boys will be able to reflect with pride on what they have learned and accomplished

The Inter-House Athletics Carnival began our month of effort and success. The boys were tested in a range of track and field events. Each boy proudly represented their house and demonstrated great commitment and effort throughout the day. Several long standing Junior School records were broken and a few were smashed.

Sean Kerr - Year 4 200m- 31.13

Gabriel Huberman - Year 3 Shot Put - 8.04m

Seamus Walton - Year 4 Discus - 20.36m

Matthew Coutts - Year 4 High Jump - 1.10m

James Spadanuda - Year 4 Triple Jump - 7.31m

As always, I was surprised and greatly impressed with the standard of performance I witnessed. Our boys are great athletes and clearly enjoyed the opportunity to compete and try. I wish to thank Mr Caniglia for once again organising a wonderful event and the many parents who came to support the boys on the day.

Our artists showcased their many talents at the IPSHA Art Exhibition, hosted by Santa Maria College. Scotch was one of 25 Junior Schools exhibiting work. The quality on display was outstanding. Work in clay, wood, silk, watercolour and much more decorated the hall. Ms Sabatay and the boys can be very proud of the work they displayed.

This week our artists will have another opportunity to let their talents shine. Boys from Year 1 to 12 will display work at the Inspirations Art Exhibition in the Dickinson Centre. I encourage parents to make time to come and visit the exhibition.

The musicians from Year 1 to 3 will perform for parents and friends at the Strings Celebration on Thursday 11 September. They have been working hard to prepare for the event and will show great confidence and risk taking attitude as they take to the stage.

Our celebration month will wrap up with the culminating learning experience for our Year 5 boys, the PYP Exhibition. They have been working on their exhibition all term and will finally have the opportunity to share their research, learning and action with parents, fellow students and teachers. The central idea for this years' exhibition is 'Challenges, risks and opportunities may lead to migration.' Each boy has devised his own burning question to research. The theme based on migration has provided a plethora of avenues to investigate. The boys are fully immersed in the theme and have discovered some very interesting facts. I am looking forward to seeing the finished products at the opening on Wednesday 17 September.

We take many opportunities to celebrate the achievements and efforts of our boys. The events listed here are but a few and demonstrate how our boys embrace risk-taking. Approaching the uncertainty represented in new experiences, our boys demonstrate great determination and forethought. I thank them for their willingness to have a go, to explore new ideas and to embrace the challenge.

John Stewart

Head of Junior School