18 June 2018

Art News

'We Art Family'

On Sunday 24 August, Archibald Portrait Prize winner, Abdul Abdullah, officially opened the 2014 IPSHA Art Exhibition at Santa Maria College in Attadale. Over 25 schools have collaboratively exhibited under the banner "We Art Family", to help celebrate 2014 being International Year of Family. It showcased diversity of artwork, materials, techniques and interpretations of themes. The standard of work was impressive from such young artists and it provided a fabulous opportunity to teachers to network ideas, whilst exposing students to a myriad of aesthetic ideas.

There is great value in students both exhibiting and viewing artwork. An arts event like this provides a wide audience for their artwork. With so many schools exhibited, it inspires students. I always encourage students who view this exhibition to feedback to me directly about any artwork that they would love to recreate back at Scotch.

What struck me was that sometimes it is the simplest, most naïve artwork that catches your eye or makes you smile. At other times, it is the very technical and mature artwork that draws you in as a viewer. I feel stimulated and excited for anyone who was able to see this celebration of artwork.

Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts