18 June 2018

Senior School Inter-House Athletics Day

Thank you to all the Pipe Band parents who assisted with the running of the various stalls at the Inter-House athletics - your efforts made the day a successful one for the Pipe Band, the athletes, their families and the Scotch community, showing the true spirit of volunteering at Scotch. In particular thanks should go to the coordinators of the stalls - Natasha Burt (Ice cream stall), Allyson Schaffe and Yvette Henderson (Cake stall), Mandy Perrignon and Sonya Read and Fleur and Brad Cassidy (Coffee stall and toasties - over 400 cups of coffee made!), David Sones (Hot food) and Linda Arnold and Yvonne Buchannan (Memorabilia). Thanks also to the whole Scotch community for supporting the stalls - the income supports the Pipe Band by assisting with the purchase and upkeep of uniforms and musical equipment and performances, where the boys not only represent Scotch, but, in some cases, Australia.

For photos of the day, as well as the calendar of upcoming performances, minutes of meetings and information on tours such as Edinburgh, log in to the regularly updated Pipe Band Supporters Group

website at https://parentgroups.scotch.wa.edu.au/groups/pipeband/blog/

Genevieve Cleary