18 June 2018

There are many times throughout our school year when we are provided with a perfect vignette into life at Scotch. The last couple of weeks were just such a time. With all of our formal winter JPSSA and PSA sporting activities complete, the College turned its attention to our Inter-House Athletics Carnivals. Congratulations to all of the students from Years 1 -12 and staff for making the three house athletic carnivals such a great success. It is very gratifying to see the three sub-schools participate with such enthusiasm. It is also fun to watch the intense House rivalry that the boys enjoy so much. Last Friday our Athletics Quad team had a resounding victory against CCGS, Guilford Grammar and Wesley College. This carnival is the last competitive preparation for what should be an exciting week where our boys compete in the JPSSA and PSA Inter-School Athletics Carnivals. These are to be held on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 respectively at the WA Athletic Stadium. If you have time please come and support our teams. In advance I would like to thank all of the boys and their coaches for ensuring that our teams will compete to the best of their ability and in a spirit that befits what we stand for at Scotch.

Last week was Arts Week. This is such a special time in the Senior School, marking a time where the students display their skills and attributes in a myriad of activities in the areas of Drama, Art, Media, Photography and Music. Arts Week is also a timely reminder of the hours of commitment and quality of our teaching staff who have led the boys through their courses at all levels. While the boys may have many talents, it is the ability of our teachers to bring these talents to the fore that makes the perfect learning partnership. Arts Week concluded with our annual Senior Spring Concert and it was great to see many of our Year 12 boys receive acknowledgement for the final time as they near the end of their musical journey at Scotch. I would also like to congratulate and thank the PLC students and their staff for the role they played in making the concert a success. This is yet another great example of what our two schools can achieve through working in partnership with each other while maintaining the individual uniqueness of each school.

Scotch has had a tradition of encouraging leadership at various levels through the school. This week some of my senior staff and I will be conducting interviews to determine the senior student leadership positions for the 2014/2015 school year. I would like to thank all of those who nominated for any position and wish them well. While some students will be successful in their respective nomination, it is important to remember that all of our Year 12s are viewed as leaders and the wearing of the striped blazer is a significant statement that Year 12 is a very special cohort and that every student is expected to lead through setting an example to all other students through their actions and deeds.

Have a great fortnight

Dr A J O'Connell