7 May 2018

Mothers' Auxiliary

The end of the year is fast approaching, we are still yet to hear of anyone willing to take on the Vice President and President roles for next year.

Thank you to Sarah Birch for volunteering to take on the Secretary role for Sonia Wee next year.

All the Senior School representatives should organise their replacements ready to take over next term. Please have your replacements ready to announce at our next meeting on 15 September, 2014.

Junior School and Middle School don't change over until next year, so please start organising your replacements for our final meeting in October.

The venue for our next meeting was to have been held at Moray following the Year 12 Mothers' sleepover but has been changed back to the Gooch Pavilion on Monday 15 September at 9.00am.

March Out is Friday 17 October. We will be requiring help on the morning to setup, serve and cleanup the morning tea service. If you can help please email soniamwee@gmail.com

Thank you to the couple of Year 11 parents who have offered to help at Valedictory Dinner. It would be a good idea for a few Year 10 parents to help on the night also this will make organising next year's dinner a bit easier. If you are in Year 11 or 10 and can help out on the night could you email soniamwee@gmail.com.au We will also be requiring lots of help on the day to setup, if you can spare a couple of hours on Friday 28 November please email Sonia.

Upcoming events:

Middle School Paella Night: 11 September, at 7pm at the Gooch Pavilion

Year 8 Family Picnic: Sunday 26 October at Matilda Bay

Year 9 Parent Lunch: Wednesday 24 September, 12.00 at the Boulevard Hotel, Floreat. Any queries to Amanda Muir 0407727991 or Kerry Clark 0414829316

Year 10 Coffee Morning: @ 37 Watkins Road, Dalkeith. After drop off on Tuesday 16 September. RSVP: cynthiabaxter@yahoo.com

Year 11 Coffee Morning: @ Naked Fig, Swanbourne at 9.00am on Thursday 18 September.

Year 12 Sleepover: Sunday September 14 at Moray. Tickets available at 'Book A Scotch Event'

Our next meeting is Monday 15th September at 9.00am at the GOOCH PAVILION. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Clair Stanley


Mothers' Auxiliary