18 June 2018

Community and Service

Scotch Development Projects Have Impact

An email was received recently that reinforced the value of maintaining for the long term the development projects established by Scotch singularly or in conjunction with other schools. Dr Rob Barbour, Managing Director of 'Kisampa', a private conservation area close to Matipwili Village where Scotch and PLC have been working to improve educational facilities for the past ten years commented as follows:

"Just as an aside and to show the value your support - in 2010 Matipwili Primary School was positioned 84th out of 124 schools in the district in terms of results. In 2013 they were 34th and in 2014 they expect to lie 20th out of 124 schools. For the last 3 years running over 90% of the kids doing their Standard 7 (primary leaving) exams, have passed and qualified to continue on to secondary school. Such an improvement attracted the attention of the District Education Officer who recently came with his team to see if the village was "cooking" the results. Luckily he found, to no-one's surprise but his that the results relate to some dedicated teachers with some resources at their disposal. The rapid rise is extraordinary in Tanzania and their improved ranking has not only motivated the teachers but the student's parents as well who are proud to be partners in their children's success and provides assurance to donors like yourselves that their efforts are not in vain. They now aim to go on and become the number one school in the district, an aim inconceivable even 3 years ago."

There is little doubt that the development projects supported by Scotch in India, Cambodia and Tanzania have significant impact and contribute to the improvement of quality of life of people in the communities concerned. The boys who regularly travel to serve in these communities are part of a commitment to a long-term partnership. The stream of visits by groups, together with the funds generated adds up to a considerable force for change in parts of the world in great need.

Balga Schools Visit Scotch

Last Tuesday, Year 5 students from North Balga Primary School visited the PYP Exhibition. The theme was: 'Challenges, Risks and Opportunities May Lead to Migration'. Earlier in the year, the Balga students, many of whom are recently arrived refugees or voluntary migrants, hosted the Scotch Year 5 boys and provided an insight into what it means to be an immigrant to Australia. The visiting students on Tuesday spent time looking at the exhibits and talking to our boys. They then stayed for lunch in the Dining Hall.

balga visit

This partnership between Year 5 classes builds on the relationship already established with both North Balga Primary School and Balga Senior High School through the Year 10 Service Programme. Year 10 students from Balga spent last Friday on the Senior Campus - attending classes and viewing the MYP Personal Project Exhibition.

Swanbourne Primary School Fair and Fun Run

Year 8 Keys House boys represented the College very well as volunteers at the recent Swanbourne Primary School Fair and Fun Run. The 24 boys assisted where they could and organisers were delighted with their service. Year 10 boys assist this local school each Friday afternoon and it was good to be able to offer our support in another way.