18 June 2018

4D News

Year 4D has launched into Term 4 with great eagerness and enthusiasm. The boys began the term with an excursion to Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre where they learned a great deal about Aboriginal culture and way of life, and developed an increased appreciation for, and awareness of, the natural environment.

At present, we are in the midst of two major projects. The first is the completion of the summative assessment task for our current unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, in which the boys are producing an informative and attractive piece of visual literacy designed to communicate how human behaviours have impacted upon the survival of a particular species. Students have chosen to research a species that is of personal interest to them and they are gaining a great deal of further insight through this individualised inquiry.

The second project is rehearsing for our upcoming assembly item performance on Friday October 24 - Grandparents' Day! The 4D boys have once again come up with the story ideas for an original play in which we look forward to performing for our peers, teachers, and of course parents and grandparents. Our story relates closely to our current unit of inquiry, and communicates some of what we have learned about overhunting, habitat loss, habitat degradation, overconsumption, and introduced species. We trust you'll be thoroughly entertained!

Term 4 will surely be an exciting time filled with special school-wide and year level events. We look forward to all of the adventures that await us.

Mr Scott Dickson

Year 4 Teacher