18 June 2018

Information Learning Technology

Video Conferencing in the Junior School.

The Junior School are pleased to be part of an exciting opportunity to connect with other schools around Australia through video conference. This conference is open to other PYP schools across Australia who are enrolled as part of the Independent Schools & Broadband Technology programme, involved in Transforming the Education Digital Supply Chain (TtEDSC).

Why is video conferencing an exciting medium for learning? It allows us to:

  • link directly to people, places and resources we would not normally be able to access
  • collaborate easily and regularly with other students, teachers or experts
  • give the Junior school boys and interactive learning experience with the real world
  • create on going relationships with other schools around Australia and the world.

Our Video Conference session will involve Year 5 boys and staff talking to other PYP schools about our Exhibition journey. The students will be asked to share part of the Exhibition inquiry cycle and then answer questions from schools around Australia.

We look forward to sharing the results of this exciting experience in an upcoming edition of the Thistle.

Ms Amanda Ritchie

ILT Coach