18 June 2018

WSG- Wood, Sand and Galvanised Iron

As the title states, these are the ingredients that make up interesting and exciting Year 6 Design and Technology classes. Boys leave the comfort of their classroom and enter a new and challenging environment - the D & T Workshop. Safety is a priority - once students have completed a 'Safety Induction Worksheet' and signed a 'Safety Agreement' they are allowed to use any tools or equipment. Tasks include making a 'Pen Holder' (wood) and a 'Metal Spinner' (galvanized iron). At Swanbourne Beach students also have the opportunity to work in small groups to build a 'Sand Model Vehicle' based on their own design. Without a doubt this course has one thing in common with all other classes taught at Scotch - it prepares boys for life.

Mr Michael Hess

Middle School D&T Teacher