18 June 2018

Spring Term marks the beginning of the new academic year for all boys in the Senior School. The commencement of a new year brings with it a sense of anticipation - new goals and new opportunities. Boys in Year 11 spent time thinking about the year ahead in a two-day conference that included sessions in study skills, leadership, goal setting and achieving balance. The new Year 12s commenced their two day conference today (Monday, 19 October) with an opening keynote address delivered by Adam Gilchrist. Adam shared stories of his own journey and spoke to the boys about leadership, attitude and positive mindsets. It was a timely reminder of the opportunities that lie ahead in Year 12 and beyond and the importance of approaching this time with optimism and attention to detail.

While boys in Years 8 to 11 were thinking about the academic year ahead, our graduating Year 12 boys were reflecting on the year just passed. Our final assembly with the graduating Year 12 boys was very much a celebration of their achievements and contribution. The assembly included two guests, Sergeant Kierath from the Australian Defence Force and president of the OSC, Michael Silbert. Sergeant Kierath gave an inspiring speech about leadership before presenting the Long Tan Award for Leadership to Riley Aitken (Year 12, Cameron) and Denver Quantrill (Year 10, Shearer). Mr Silbert welcomed all boys in Year 12 to the Old Scotch Collegians. He encouraged all boys to be true to themselves; rather than be like their heroes, be heroic versions of themself.

The assembly was followed with House meetings where the boys in each House thanked and wished their respective Year 12s well for the examinations and their future pathways. The highlight of the day was easily the March Out in front of the Gooch Pavilion. To watch the whole Senior School march past a large crowd of parents, extended family, friends and staff to the sound of pipes and drums always creates a sense of tremendous pride. To watch our Year 12s lead the School for the last time made for an emotional and memorable occasion for all in attendance.

Following the March Out, approximately forty Year 12 boys made their way into the Junior School to spend time with all boys in Year 2. In addition to time spent playing games and sharing a barbecue lunch with the Year 2s, all boys in Year 2 and Year 12 placed an item into a time capsule. The time capsule will be opened at the Year 12s' ten-year reunion in 2024, the same year our current Year 2s will be in Year 12. This will be a wonderful occasion where boys in both year groups will be able to reflect on how much they have developed and consider where the next ten years will take them.

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School