18 June 2018

7T Explores Perth Zoo

During Spring Term in iLearn the Year 7 students have been learning about ecosystems, biodiversity and the classification of animals. On Monday 27 October, 7T and 7L were fortunate enough to spend the day at Perth Zoo. The boys participated in a collaborative learning activity led by the experienced education staff at the zoo. After the informative and idea-generating talk the boys were split into groups and went on a fact-finding educational adventure throughout the different areas of the zoo. The groups explored the African Savannah, the Asian Rainforests, the Nocturnal House, the Reptile Enclosure and a favourite of mine, the Australian Outback. The zoo staff were very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the students and commented that some boys may have a future working at the zoo. I would like to express special thanks to Mrs Hilary Davies, Mrs Lesley Banfield, Ms Anna McWhirter, and Mr Ian Buchhorn joining us on the day and volunteering their valuable time. They all reflected on what an eye-opening and educational experience the boys had on this excursion.

Mr Peter Tresise

Teacher 7T