18 June 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

Hello from the Junior School Library. We are getting very close to the opening of the new combined Junior School and Middle School Library. As such we are working very hard to order new resources from your old favourites (Far Away Tree) to new classic releases (Wonder) and everything in between. We are also continuing to add to the Overdrive collection and hopefully all students now have access to both the audio and typed collections found within Overdrive. Should your son not have access please visit the library or One Degree for swift service. The quote for this fortnight comes from our esteemed spiritual leader 'Marilyn Horn' who was recently quoted as saying, "I thought Dewey was Donald Duck's nephew". Now although this might be true, it was during a major presentation to the International Library Federation on the Dewey Decimal System.

Mr Warwick Norman

Junior School Teacher Librarian