18 June 2018

Class Lists 2015

Following two very successful Orientation Days many families both current and new to the College are thinking about next year. Once we receive the Orientation Day testing information we will begin working on developing our class lists for 2015. We will post out to families a copy of their son's 2015 class list at the end of the term. Balanced classes are a vital feature of Middle School. We use the following criteria to create these classes:

  • An even distribution of 'old' boys across the classes
  • An even distribution of new boys across the classes
  • An even distribution of French and Indonesian language students across the classes
  • An even distribution of academic ability across the classes.
  • A strategic distribution of boys requiring self-management or learning support
  • We also endeavour to make sure each old boy has at least one close friend in his class as indicated on his social survey we collect in Spring term.

Class lists are developed without specific teachers in mind. Parent requests for specific teachers are not a part of the class list development process for Middle School.